About me

Rita Kühn
“It would be nice if there were no plastic in this world, but I stand for the compromise.”

My name is Rita Kühn and I am the founder of happy-to-go. I wish that disposable plastic is banned. The story behind is quick to tell and rather pragmatic. My children needed water bottles for the daily ration of water in kindergarten and school and I was tired of buying cheap plastic bottles from the supermarket. Especially since I am informed about the hormonal dangers and effects of bisphenols.

“Changing the big picture” is possible, but it takes time.”

Using plastic sensibly is a compromise that everyone can choose for themselves. Eastman Tritan® (Copolyester) offers all the benefits we need: no bisphenols, no hormonal effects, reusability, suitable for children, stability & safety in everyday life.

happy-to-go, the idea became a brand and since 2017 I have been successfully selling drinking bottles made of Eastman Tritan®, glass bottels for Tea & infused water and reusable cups made of bamboo. I think the lifetime of a water bottle is synonymous with the ecology & sustainability of the article.
A plastic bag has a maximum life cycle of 20 minutes on average. That’s definitely too short. Our oceans are more than just a matter of the heart for me. We all know what we have to expect because of climate change. Any step in the direction of avoiding nonsensical plastic waste and prohibiting it by law, is long overdue.

Be ready for the small change in your everyday behavior and become happy-to-go!